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8th International Level Crossing Symposium 

The interaction of road and rail at level crossings is of worldwide interest. In addition to the road user casualties there is the need to address the potential for a catastrophic railway accident as a result of striking an vehicle on the crossing.

While most high traffic crossings have crossing lights and gates, the risk is still great due to users racing to “beat” the lowering gate, and at times causing a train to strike at the crossing.

Managing the risks associated with level crossings is best achieved when a holistic approach is taken in terms of assessing and understanding the risk, addressing the factors associated with human error, engineering the interface between the rail and highway systems, educating the user and developing an enforcement strategy.

Accordingly, the key themes to be followed at the 8th International Level Crossing Symposium are:

Risk management tools and techniques
Innovation in level crossing design, protection and construction
Managing human error 
Enforcement strategies and techniques
Managing Trespass Seminar

The symposium will be complemented by a pre-conference seminar exploring techniques by which trespass prevention can be addressed cost effectively by railway authorities in partnership with the communities through which they run.

Both the Level Crossing Symposium and Managing Trespass Seminar will be supported by technical visits designed to show delegates UK practice in action.


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